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Japanese Tattoo

Q: You guys are awesome!

Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying the blog!

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Q: Yeah, its racist as hell to want to stop white people from stealing and homogenising your culture like they inevitably do with everything. Shut the fuck up white boy. Pig faced cracker

You can feel free to come off anon and actually have a discussion with me if you want. Or just keep being racist, whatever.

Understanding different cultures is important, and keeping traditions alive equally so. However, to me it seems like a bad idea to keep genuinely interested individuals away from art, culture and understanding just because of the color of their skin.

Your attitude, if you’re serious, is the kind of bigotry that gets humanity into trouble.

Now back to tattoos.

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Q: can a non japanese person get a traditional japanese tattoo. And i dont mean getting a random image cause i think it looks cool, i mean gettibg something symbolic

With the exception of somewhat racist people *who think only they can understand their art and therefore enjoy it*, there is absolutely nothing keeping a non Japanese person from getting Japanese tattoos.

*I edited this out: who think their art belongs to them. Because individuals and cultures do own their art, but that doesn’t mean other people can’t appreciate or understand it as well as they do.

I encourage people to truly understand the meaning of anything they do and do it with a right mind.

P.S. I’m a white dude from Philly with all kinds of Buddhist imagery on me. I wouldn’t worry if I were you.

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