Fuck Yeah Irezumi

Horitoku working on a client in his apartment/studio.

Source is in German.

(Source: rockandroad.de)

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Anonymous asked: Can you post as many picture as you can of Horitoku as possible I love his work on the yakuza and I want to see his body suit please find some pics of him


I’ll find what I can

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blackboybebop asked: Horiyoshi no longer takes new clients requiring large amounts of work. He will do small work at a convention from time to time though. Hes sending most new artists too his son or his other deshi (apprentices). I also know for sure he doesn't practice tebori anymore unless the clients work was started with Tebori. Theres a bunch of artists in the states who practice tebori. Horitaka, Horitomo, and Horiken all work at State of Grace in San Jose and have similar style to Horiyoshi III.


As always, great info. Thanks, man.

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blvck-cl0uds asked: Sorry for another question but how much does it cost to get tattooed by horiyoshi iii and how do I book an appointment? Also any other tebori tattoo artist in japan


No worries. I’m not sure how much he charges per hour. It’s probably several hundred dollars US. At one point I heard Shige was charging $300 an hour.

There are good, bad and great tebori artists all over Japan. That’s obviously where it’s from.

Check out Horikyo as well. He’s really old school.

http://horiyoshi3tattoo.com/contacts/ That’s how you can get in touch with H3

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isolatedsurrealism asked: thanks again for the reply, erm im from the uk but when i finish uni im going to live in japan for a while so i thought that would be good tie to get tattooed.


That’s awesome man. I don’t know if you’re the same guy who asked if there were any tebori artists in the UK, but H3’s old apprentice lives in London.

While you’re in Japan, research artists, obviously that’s the best place to find one. Have a great time and don’t forget to show us some pictures of your work!

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Anonymous asked: thanks for the quick response, im 6ft 4in, i plan to go to Horiyoshi III, not sure on the designs yet, and im putting aside a fair amount of money, and i was thinking off half way down arms and full legs. would that give a better idea of how long it will take?


Not a problem.

I’d say it would probably take a couple of years. But I’ve never dealt with someone who is as famous and sought after as H3 so it might take even longer. I don’t want to give you anything set in stone since I’m not an artist.

I also don’t have confirmation of this but I read somewhere a few months ago that he might stop taking new clients for full body suits. But I’m not positive.

I’d say get the ball rolling by contacting him through his website 


Where do you live? There are some other truly great Japanese tattoo artists out there.

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Anonymous asked: Hi, i love your blog i was wondering if you could tell me how long would a full body traditional tebori, would roughly take?


Hey, glad you love the blog, thanks for the question.

So that question is hard to answer. It all depends on how intricate the designs you and your artist pick, how much money you have, how big/tall you are and how often you went for sittings.

Going every month or two it could still take years if you get full sleeves and your legs done.

It’s worth it though!

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Anonymous asked: how many followers have you got on this blog?


The blog has 3,985 followers. I’m the third admin of the blog, so I did none of the hard work.

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blvck-cl0uds asked: Do you know anyone in the uk who does the traditional tebori?


As a matter of fact, a pupil of Horiyoshi III lives and tattoos in London. His name is Alex Reinke or Horikitsune. The only way to get a better traditional Japanese tattoo would be to go to Japan and get tattooed by Horiyoshi III.


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